An Elongated Now was created specifically for The Laguna Art Museum ‘s Art and Nature Festival on Saturday November 8, 2014. Inspired by the sweeping arc of the Laguna Main Beach coastline and its views of the rising and setting sun, Albuquerque is engaging participants to become part of an aggregate of points, becoming line, becoming arc… the geometry of the rotation of the earth around the sun.

Starting at sunrise with Albuquerque facing east, to noon time, facing south, to the sunset facing west, the participants, dressed in white, will walk from the cliff below the Museum down the stairs, stretching to the main lifeguard station to form an arc (choreographed by Jasmine Albuquerque-Croissant) where each will face toward the setting sun, one by one all in a line, as in a rendezvous at the water’s edge, at the edge of the earth. Watching the light shift into night they will hold a small blue light, this time becoming an arc of light, before their return to the Museum still in a line where they will be viewers of Albuquerque’s Particle Horizon taking place in the basement of the Museum.

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